(shiteater) Eagle Sam 23 [6C3A496F].mkv_snapshot_06.35_[2019.07.04_08.57.50].jpg

(shiteater) Eagle Sam 23 [6C3A496F]

shiteatersubs presents Eagle Sam episode 23 in Japanese with English subtitles.

Translated by: TougeWolf (https://inkasubs.blogspot.com) & GANGO (https://goodanimenevergetsold.wordpress.com)
Edited & Timed by: shiteaterbubibinman

Thanks very, very much to TougeWolf and GANGO for their wonderful work in translating this rare piece of American themed anime history in celebration of today, America’s Independence Day! Because, honestly, what’s more AMERICAN than spending the 4th of July watching an old JAPANESE cartoon that’s loosely about AMERICA?

Eagle Sam, known in the United States as Sam the Olympic Eagle, was the official mascot for the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. He was designed by Bob Moore, a veteran Disney artist. The Eagle Sam anime series, which ran for 51 episodes between 1983 and 1984, has never been released on any home format and is currently considered a lost series. This episode, episode 23, is the only one of the series that has ever surfaced in any widely circulated form.

Eagle Sam asks his friends Canary and Guzuran to help him sell doughnuts to the citizens of Birdieland, but suddenly a UFO appears and Police Chief Albatross and his policeman lackey, Bogey, want to shoot it out of the sky for no good reason at all! Then, Sam gets a call from his old friend Tiger-kun who now lives in India and is being hunted by big game hunters. But is this really a secret plot by Chief Albatross to lure Sam into a trap?

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