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(shiteater) Oh! Family 01 [9C4AF101].mkv_snapshot_03.53_[2019.10.25_02.23.57].jpg

(shiteater) Oh! Family 01 [9C4AF101]

shiteatersubs presents Oh! Family episode 01 in Japanese with English subtitles. (With optional Italian sub from the original DVD release also included.)

Translated by: Google
OP/ED Translated by: TougeWolf
Edited by: shiteaterbubibinman

My deepest gratitude to TougeWolf for his help translating the OP/ED (the translations for both were absent from the official Italian DVD release), as well as some additional TLC, and just being a good sport. Special thanks to Ralem for taking the time out to personally share the DVD ISOs with me, as well as some help he gave me with some torrenting issues I was having at the time.

Oh! Family was a hit in Italy, and so it happens that Italy is the only country that’s given the series a modern release. Yamato Video released the series on DVD in 2012 with both the popular Italian dub from 1987, which was heavily censored, and the uncut Japanese version with Italian subtitles. I decided, having used Google Translate before to translate episodes 16-54 of Dr. Slump and Arale-chan from French subs to English, that I would try to do the same with this series, and the results were pretty awesome. The translation turned out to be pretty accurate, and with some research and editing, along with TougeWolf’s Japanese expertise, we were able polish it into the gem you are about to watch.

“Oh! Family” (1986-87) is the story of the Anderson family, who live in Los Angeles, California. Based loosely on the manga “Family!” (1981-85) by Taeko Watanabe, which itself is based loosely on the 1976-1980 American TV drama, also named “Family,” the anime series ramps up the comedy over the manga’s more serious tone and focuses on Fee, a very masculine teenage girl, and her family as they accept into their flock a young orphan named Jonathan and his dog Adam.

The Anderson family are your typical happy (though slightly dysfunctional) American family, so when a mysterious child named Jonathan and his dog Adam appear on their doorstep in sunny Los Angeles, California, they flip out when Jonathan claims to be the son of their father, Wilfred Anderson.

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