(shiteater) Oishinbo 002 [3EEFD598].mkv_snapshot_00.09_[2020.04.18_00.27.11]

Dear culinary anime fans, it’s with a heavy heart that we at shiteatersubs inform you that we’ve had to drop our project to sub Oishinbo…

But! Thanks to TougeWolf and the fine folks at Inka-Subs, English subs for the series will continue! We’re very sorry we couldn’t continue subbing Oishinbo, but our other projects were beginning to suffer. We hope you guys understand.

Inka-Subs are set to release a batch for episodes 1-8 soon. Episode 8 is newly subbed, while the subs for episode 1-7 have been massively improved over the original versions. Be on the lookout for this release very soon, please stay glued to their website for more details: http://www.inka-subs.net/

(UPDATE: You can find the Inka-Subs Oishinbo batch here: http://www.inka-subs.net/2020/04/oishinbo-1-8-batch.html)

Oishinbo is an important (and daunting) project, thank you Inka-Subs for taking it on and allowing us to pass the torch, you’re the greatest! We wish you the best of luck!